To register as a Blood Donor, send

AROGYA <space> BLDDNR to


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(Including Ganapati Mandals)


Our goal is to inform, enable and assist patients, doctors and other health service providers using appropriate communication and information technology. We intend to make information available where it is needed and when it is needed in a manner that is easy, reliable and HITECH. 

Free Pilot Services

Personal reminders to patients for appointments, vaccinations, tests and more.

Enhanced communication between doctors and patients using web, email and sms.

Authentic medical information and news from around the world.

Online directory of area wise medical service providers.


We are pleased to announce diabetes check up reminders on the WORLD DIABETES DAY - 14th November.

If you are a diabetes patient send AROGYA <space> DIAB to +919405104510

Get FREE pregnancy check & infant vaccination reminders on your mobile.

If you are pregnant send AROGYA <space> PREG to +919405104510

If you are lactating send AROGYA <space> VACC to +919405104510


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