Indian Medical Association Pune has developed this portal for doctors whether members or otherwise to submit near miss / events / medical accidents which happened in their practice or hospitals of their friends.
   The information is to be reported anomymously i.e. no name of patient, doctor or hospital is to be entered anywhere in the report. Only purpose of collection of this information is to enhance learning amongst doctors of how harm to patients can be prevented.
   You will have to login in the system before entering any report so that you will be edit it at a later date.
Indian Medical Association, Pune   MeDiWiND, "medical windows for doctors, clinics and hospitals" helps to digitize all routine functions in hospital such as patient registration, appointments, admission, consent, discharge, billing, receipts etc. Electronic Health Record standards of MOH&FW are strictly adhered to.
   MeDiWiND HIMS-QI has unique features. It enables the hospital staff to report various quality indicators during workflow of the hospital.
   Information regarding various events, corrective and preventive actions, root cause analysis and action taken can be recorded and also analyzed.
Medical Accident / Near Miss Event Reporting System
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